Credit Restoration

Credit Restoration OVERVIEW:

Know what is on your personal credit report.

Click here to soft pull your credit from all 3 credit bureaus using our special affiliate pricing of $1.

If any negative items are present, enroll in our credit optimization program for total credit
transformation: Remember, all negative items will impact the FICO score. Items such as late payments,
collections, inquiries, charge-offs, profit losses and bankruptcies are tracked for a 7-10 year period.

Apply for a secured credit card if you currently do not have a credit card **Extremely important


A la cart- $399 personalized 12 step credit education course ***Highly recommended.

Our personalized credit training class will highlight important information on how your score is calculate and how to maximize every component FICO is tracking. We will also cover the history of the credit bureaus and provide helpful hints handling negative debt items such as repossessions and credit card charge-offs. Become your own credit expert and learn how to leverage your credit score into 0 interest loans and free free airline miles / companion pass memberships to name a few.

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