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Norcross Consulting Services offer informational services, and partner with many different industry leaders. Our Credit Repair referral partner is the #1 Rated CRA in the USA. For over 10 years, Norcross Consulting Services has been connecting clients with their best potential partners, resulting in excellent credit profiles. We have fantastic Mortgage and Real Estate partners in every state.


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Credit Restoration

Our approach to credit improvement will explore every possible option to maximize the FICO scoring models. It’s a unique approach to every client.

Debt Negotiation

Tax, credit card, automotive or student loans–we have an option for you. Don’t rush into a Bankruptcy just yet. Take advantage of a free debt consultation!

Debt Refinance

We have developed a knack for minimizing the impact from high interest rate student, tax and auto loans, while also improving mortgage loan limits.

Our clients say it best


Devin is the best at helping my clients get their credit scores up.He is the BEST I have seen in 17 years of my business. He makes more of my clients achieve homeownership so much faster than any company out there!

– Suzi               

Devin has helped many of my clients become home owners. Devin explains the program clearly and gives a realistic expectation for how long the process will take. He also keeps me informed so that when the time comes, I will be ready to assist another soon to be homeowner!


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